Jeb Bush campaign site hides Die Hard plot synopsis in the source code

As Jeb becomes latest Bush to launch a presidential campaign, an unexplained summary of the movie franchise was unearthed on his campaign website

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While Jeb Bush has been busy launching his bid to be President of the United States, it appears that some members of his staff have a fair amount of time on their hands.

A summary of the plot of the Die Hard movie franchise has been discovered buried on the Jeb 2016 campaign website.

The synopsis, said to contain spoilers, was unearthed by the New York Times, on the page announcing the launch of Bush's formal campaign to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother, by entering the race for the Republican nomination.

It was found among the JavaScript source-code of the site by developer Jeremy Bowers, who tweeted: "Seems like an odd thing to include in the JS of your presidential announcement page".


The code, which did not adversely affect the functioning of the site, was removed within an hour or so. Source code is a list of computer instructions, helpful for developers, associated with a web page. They can be viewed by pressing the F12 button.

It appears to have been an in-joke among developers of the site. As the NYT points out, such japes are not confined to the Bush campaign: the code Hillary Clinton's site features an ASCII-art version of her campaign logo, while Rand Paul's contains a pitch to join his tech team.

How long before British politicians follow suit, if they haven't done so already? A quick check of the Labour leadership contenders' sites suggests they haven't joined the party quite yet.