The chart that shows Trump's rise has nothing to do with policy

A new poll suggests that Trump's support isn't about his views on immigration, tax or trade.

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After a string of victories in the primaries so far, Donald Trump has been a 3-in-4 favourite for the Republican nomination for the past month.

Tonight he could become an even more overwhelming favourite as five major states go the polls, including two – Florida and Ohio – where the winner will win every delegate.

Trump will knock out the last two candidates favoured by the Republican establishment – Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, and John Kasich, the former Ohio governor – if he wins both states.

Polls suggest he could, though the race in Ohio looks particularly close.

But why are people voting for him? A new poll published this week by YouGov offers a surprising thought: it has nothing to do with his policies.


5-in-6 voters think Trump is doing well for reasons unrelated to policy.

The findings are the latest evidence that Trump is tapping into a fierce current of dissatisfaction in the Republican party, a current that's been attributed to the party's actions over the past eight years and its vehement opposition towards President Obama.

Trump's recent rallies have been marred by violence – first in New Orleans a fortnight ago and more dramatically in Chicago on Friday – as he's repeatedly denounced the 'politically correct' actions of mainstream politicians.

Some commentators, including his opponents, suggest his rhetoric is fuelling these tensions, but, as this survey shows, it also seems to be powering his candidacy.