Donald Trump met with loud groans in Congress after launching plan to publish weekly list of crimes by immigrants

The speech was met with almost unanimous applause, and occasionally standing ovations

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Donald Trump was met with loud groans after he launched a plan to publish a weekly list of crimes by immigrants.

The President was met with almost unanimous applause during his first speech to Congress, and a number of standing ovations, even for his most controversial policies. But a new plan for an agency focused on crime by immigrants appeared to upset even his most ardent supporters among lawmakers.

During his speech, Mr Trump announced that he had launched a new agency that would compile list of all immigrants who had committed crimes – apparently whether or not they are in the country illegally.

"I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American Victims," he told Congress. "The office is called VOICE — Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests."

But after he made the announcement, he was met with relative silence. The only audible noise was what appeared to be groans of criticism from lawmakers.

That was despite applause and standing ovations for policies including the border wall, Mr Trump's failed attempt to ban Muslim people from a selection of countries from entering the US and other controversial policies.

The plan for a weekly list of immigrant crime has been likened to one of the most controversial sections, "Black Crime", on the Breitbart News website. Steve Bannon, who until recently edited that site, is now Mr Trump's closest advisor in the White House.