US Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez apologises after racist gesture towards Native Americans

Video of the Democratic candidate showed her making a whooping cry

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A Democratic candidate for the US Senate saw her electoral chances dealt a severe blow after video emerged of her making a racial slur about Native Americans.

Loretta Sanchez, the current representative for California's 46th congressional district who is gunning for Senator Barbara Boxer's seat in the 2016 election, only announced her candidacy on May 14. Yet within a matter of days a video had emerged showing her making a whooping cry when referring to a meeting with a Native American.

You can watch Sanchez's comments in the video below:

Sanchez responded to the video by saying it was a mistake and that he was a champion of civil and human rights who had Native American blood in her family.

"It's hard to put yourself out there and to do what leaders need to do — day in and day out — and yes, sooner or later we make mistakes," she said. "In this crazy and exciting rush of meetings, I said something offensive, and for that I sincerely apologize."

The video was described her Democratic opponent, Attorney General Kamala Harris, as shocking and said "there is no place for that in our public discourse."

Sanchez's campaign had already gotten off on the wrong foot when she accidentally sent out an email declaring her candidacy earlier than planned. Despite these early mistakes, Sanchez is a long-time politician, having served in Congress for ten consecutive terms.