Valentine's Day candlelit dinner for two at McDonald's - complete with table service and music from Ron

The perfect way to spend 14 February for fast-food lovers

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For those who are feeling the pinch this Valentine’s Day but are desperate to woo their date over a candlelit meal, all is not lost.

A branch of McDonald's is advertising their third annual ‘Candlelight Dinner’ on 14 February from 6 to 8pm, promising table service and a romantic evening out for couples who fancy sharing a spot of fast food together.

“Our crew will greet you at the door, seat you, take your order and deliver it to you", the advert says.

“All you have to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy your romantic evening with your date."

The night will even feature “musical selections by Ron”.

The Reddit user who posted the image said the unique offer was being made at a branch of McDonalds in Southport, North Carolina, in the US.

The Valentine's deal inspired a host of musical responses from Reddit users encouraged by the premise of music from Ron. One user suggested DJ Ron spins "all the love classics", such as "Never Too Much (Mayo)", "The Way You Cook Tonight", "Truly, Madly, Deep Fried" while another said he could play "My Grill", "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Eat That)", "When A Man Loves A Burger" and "McCrazy In Love".

The offer must have proved popular with local residents in the area, considering it is in its third year running.