Video: Amanda Berry neighbour Charles Ramsey describes the moment he freed her from captors


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A neighbour living near the house where three women were held hostage for a decade has spoken about the moment he helped to rescue them.

Charles Ramsey was in his house eating when he heard the screams and went to investigate. To his horror he discovered Amanda Berry frantically trying to get out of the house and begging him to open the locked door.

Mr Ramsey recounted his story to news reporters: 'She said "help me get out. I've been here a long time." I figured it was a domestic violence dispute'.

He quickly kicked down the door, allowing Ms Berry and a little girl to escape before calling the emergency services.

Even though she identified herself as Amanda Berry, Mr Ramsey said he did not register straight away who she was, it was only when he was making the emergency call that he realised.

When the police arrived Ms Berry alerted them to the other two women still trapped inside the house who were promptly rescued.

When asked by reporters if he had suspected anything, Mr Ramsey said he did not 'have a clue' Ms Berry had been in there.

He added that he had been living in the neighbourhood for a year and had never seen anything suspicious that would suggest something was amiss.  

Ms Berry disappeared on her way home from her job at Burger King, the day before her 17th birthday.

The other two women were abducted separately and have been identified by the authorities as Gina DeJesus, 23, who vanished in 2004 at age 14, and Michelle Knight, who was reported to have been 20 when she disappeared more than a decade ago. 

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