Video captures cyclist lifting car out of cycle path

Unidentified man continues on his journey - much to crowd's enjoyment

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A video purporting to show a cyclist lifting a car out of his way has gone viral.

The 31-second clip, which has been widely shared online, appears to show a man lifting a Fiat Uno Mille out of a cycle path in a Brazilian city.

In the video, apparently recorded by YouTube user Joe Loreto a crowd can be seen gathering as the man seemingly effortlessly lifts the car out of the way before getting back onto his bicycle and going on his way.

The clip – only posted yesterday and titled 'The strongest man in the world' – has already been viewed more than half a million times.

Online, people were quick to question whether the clip was real, pointing out that the individual was lifting a minimum weight of 920lbs – equivalent to the weight deadlifted by three-time winner of world’s strongest man Brian Shaw.

However, other users claimed the clip could be real. They pointed out that the Fiat Uno is among the world’s lighter cars and that the man does not lift the entire vehicle – merely pivoting it out of his path.