Video: Female bullfighter gored twice in Mexico

Karla de los Angeles was tossed over the bull's head and gored twice

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A female Mexican bullfighter was gored twice on Sunday, suffering cuts to her leg, during an event at Mexico City's Plaza Mexico.

Karla de los Angeles suffered long gashes to her thigh and gluteal muscles from a bull called Gamusino, a 1,090lb animal that gored several others on Sunday.

Video from the event shows both of the gorings. The first sees the bull toss de los Angeles into the air and bounce her body a few times on its horns before she drops to the ground. The screams from the crowd are deafening. De los Angeles can be seen clutching her back and wincing, although she recovers from the ordeal and returns once more to the ring.

Warning: Some viewers may find this footage distressing

However, a second video shows the bull once again gaining the upper hand, managing to prod at de los Angeles and force her to retreat and then fall over.

Gamusino, the bull in question, also gored assistant Federico Dominguez after he tried to help de los Angeles. The International Business Times also reported that another female bullfighter, Lupita Lopez, was also injured while going in for the kill with a bull.

Reports also stated that two other bulls jumped the barriers around the ring and injured two other assistants, with one, Cesar Sanchez, suffering multiple facial features. He remains in hospital in a serious condition.

De los Angeles is an aspiring bullfighter who is not yet at the rank of matador. She took time out of bullfighting in 2011 to look after he newly born child.