Video: Massive wildfires destroy hundreds of acres of farmland in Oklahoma


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The Independent US

Incredible footage has been released showing the massive wildfires that burned hundreds of acres of crops and destroyed several buildings in Oklahoma on Sunday.

The two wildfires burned over 2,000 acres of farming land in Oklahoma’s Logan County and led to fire crews having to fight back a half-mile wide wall of flames that had engulfed the side of the main interstate in the area.

The interstate, which is 40 miles north of Oklahoma city, was closed and the area’s residents were evacuated as ten fire crews and Black Hawk helicopters dropping water were used to try and put out the flames. According to reports, the first fire began yesterday afternoon in the area of Hiwassee and the dry weather and strong winds led to the fire spreading to other locations.

By yesterday evening, large parts of the fire had been contained, with residents being able to return to their homes and the roads being reopened.