Video of toddler's LED stickman Halloween costume goes viral

The Youtube clip of the 22-month old girl running around in her eery costume has received over 7.5 million views

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In the run up to Halloween we all like to create (or buy) impressive costumes in preparation for the big party.

However, the prize for the best one must surely go to this 22-month-old girl for her LED light suit.

Dressed as a glowing stickman, she appears eerily from nowhere in this video. The clip, uploaded to Youtube on 22 October has already received over 7.5 million views.

Royce Hutain, an artist from Huntington Beach, California, created the suit for his daughter, Zoey, from LED lights and Velcro.

Speaking to CBS Los Angeles Mr Hutain said, “I sit at computers all day, and I get bored, and I think of ideas like this.”

Having made versions of the suit for his snowboarding friends, Mr Hutain, who goes under the online pseudonym Visual Burrito, plans to upload another video showing viewers how to make their own version of the LED light suit.

“I don’t have the time to try to make money off these things, but it’d be great to be able to show other people how to make them. I’d love to see other videos of other people doing it,” he said.