Video: Polar bear cub's first steps at Toronto Zoo

The cute little cub walked for the first time after several wobbly attempts

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In touching scenes at a zoo in Canada, a baby polar bear cub has been filmed taking his first steps.

In the short video, the cub at Toronto Zoo attempts to walk on all fours. Like any young animal learning to walk, he falls over a couple of times before finally making some tentative steps.

The unnamed cub was born back in November last year however, he was removed from his mother Aurora who has a history of attacking and rejecting her litter. He was the only survivor in a litter of three but has a brother called Hudson at another zoo in Canada.

After he was first born, the cub was kept in an incubator in intensive care when zoo staff became concerned about his health. However, he is now quite active and making good progress.

The tiny white cub weighs 4.4kg and is teething at the moment, biting into blankets and other objects.