Video: SUV flips five times in terrifying car crash but all four passengers survive

Local police force reckons the soft ground helped their survival

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A dashcam has recorded the unbelievable moment a SUV flipped five times in a horrific crash off a US highway with all four passengers emerging alive.

The unidentified driver’s dashboard-mounted camera recorded the moment the black Mercury Mountaineer swerved across a Kentucky motorway to avoid a large truck in front.

Loosing control the driver comes off the right-hand side of the road, into a ditch and up a bank.

In the video three people can be seen as they are ejected from the seats of the vehicle, lying scattered by the side of the road.

Astoundingly, the passengers – none of whom were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash – all survived.

James Lynn, 19, the front passenger, was tossed right, while the 23-year-old driver, James Chandler, was thrown into the ditch. Mr Lynn suffered injuries to his torso and right side, while Mr Chandler had chest and neck injuries.

A five-year-old passenger who was thrown from the vehicle had both his legs broken when the SUV rolled back on top of him.

But a 16-year-old boy, who was also a passenger, wasn’t even ejected when the car rolled.

All four are now reported to be recovering in hospital after the crash.

Grant County Deputy Scott Conrad, who investigated the accident, said the softness of the ground may have contributed to their survival.

"The softness of the ground may have contributed to softer landings," Deputy Conrad told WCPO. "It was very soft to walk on from the weather that we had."

No charges have been filed although the accident is still under investigation.