Video: Terrifying footage shows crazed man attack Minnesota hospital nursing staff with metal bar

Charles Emmett Logan died directly after being restrained by Maplewood Police officers

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Terrifying footage has been released by Minnesota Police that shows one man’s crazed rampage that saw him use a metal bar to attack several members of a hospital’s nursing staff and leave one nurse with a collapsed lung.

Charles Emmett Logan, who carried out the assaults on Sunday at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota, was eventually stopped by police and died immediately after being restrained.

The video which was released to the public on Thursday after requests to see it meant it had to be released by law, shows Logan enter the ward with a metal bar and set about attacking the hospital’s staff.

The video then shows Logan’s terrifying rampage through the hospital ward chasing staff and raining down blows on those he is able to get near.

Eight nurses received treatment for minor injuries as a result of the attack, with one nurse suffering from a collapsed lung after the attack.

Logan had fled by the time police arrived at the hospital but he was quickly found wandering the streets two blocks away from the hospital.

When police eventually got close to Logan, they attempted to restrain him with a Taser.  According to reports though, the Taser was ineffective and this led to Police having to bring Logan down physically.

Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell said that “Immediately after” police restrained Logan “he went limp” and after officers checked for a pulse they realised he was not breathing.

Efforts were made to resuscitate Logan but these proved to be unsuccessful and Logan was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

According to police, the attack by Logan was “totally outside of character” and that he was generally “a peaceful man.”

A statement by the Maplewood police department said: “Nothing in Mr. Logan's past or more recent history indicates a tendency toward violence.”

The Maplewood police statement did indicate however, that in the time leading up to the attack Logan had had periods where he was “confused and periodically delusional” and medical workers confirmed that he had been suffering from paranoia.

Reflecting on the incident, Chief Paul Schnell said:  'It is fortunate that hospital personnel were not more seriously injured in the unprovoked attack,' said Maplewood Police

'While what prompted the attack may never be known, we await completion of the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's inquiry, which we hope might answer questions about Mr. Logan's status for the sake of his family and all those involved in this incident.'

An autopsy has been scheduled.