Video that shows US police officers giving drivers presents instead of tickets goes viral

The video was made to highlight the good work the majority of officers are doing in the US

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Christmas, the season of generosity and goodwill to all men.

This was the message that one police department wanted to convey to drivers in Lowell, Michigan; when instead of handing out tickets, they gave out presents.

At a time when police in the US have faced growing criticism and anger following the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, officers from Lowell County Police Department in Michigan attempted to alter this negative public image by showing local residents a bit of Christmas spirit.

In the heart-warming video released on Tuesday, officers pulled over drivers under the premise that they had committed a minor traffic offence and would be given tickets.

However, the decision to pull the drivers over was just a ruse to find out what was highest on their Christmas present list.

Video courtesy of Rob Bliss Creative


When the policeman found out what the driver wanted most, the request was passed on to officers inside a nearby shop, who found the gift, wrapped it up and then rushed it out to the car.

After retreating back to his car momentarily, the policeman then returned to the unsuspecting driver holding not a ticket, but instead, a gift-wrapped present.

Among the gifts to be given to the stunned drivers included an Xbox One, a flat screen TV and an assortment of toys for the drivers’ children.

The reaction of the drivers is pure shock with many speechless at what has just happened to them.

One of the drivers says, “That is incredible, you have just turned my bad day into a good one.”

Another driver tells the camera, “I’ve been pulled over by the police a couple of times, and they are usually nice, but never this nice.”

The idea for the video came from viral video marketer Rob Bliss, who said that he made the video to try to highlight the good work the majority of officers in the US were doing.

Speaking to US magazine People, Bliss said: “I feel there are tons of great police officers who are getting missed in all the negative police coverage.”

Bliss, who is most famous for his video, 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman  added: “A big part of police work is public safety-community outreach, the proactive side of police work.”

The video, which was uploaded on Tuesday, has already gone viral receiving over 800,000 views on Youtube in just two days.

And according to Bliss, the feedback has been mostly positive.

He said: “The feedback has been enormously positive. I thought there may be at least a bit of negativity given all the negative police stories currently trending, but it has been across-the-board positive.”