Video: Train smashes into a truck stuck on level crossing in incredible footage


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A video has appeared that shows a speeding train ploughing into a truck that appears to be stuck on a level crossing.

The footage was taken by a couple as they waited at a red light in Mer Rouge, Louisianna on Sunday.

In the video, you can hear the driver and the passenger getting increasingly agitated as the train speeds towards the truck caught up in the tracks.

At one point a man is heard saying, “he’s stuck, I think”, while his passenger replies by saying, "Holy mother of moo moo," just moments before the 87-carriage train collides with the truck.

The train then rips through the truck smashing it into pieces and leaving debris scattered across the surrounding area.


The clearly shaken onlookers fall quiet, with one of the passengers breaking the silence by saying, "Oh my God, tell me he got out, just tell me he got out."

According to reports, the truck driver was able to escape the vehicle before the collision and was uninjured. The train’s conductor and engineer did suffer injuries, with the train conductor still in hospital with serious but “non-life threatening” injuries.

Mer Rouge Police Chief Mitch Stephens said that following the incident 50 houses were evacuated for about two hours due to concerns that a tank car of pressurised argon gas might explode.

Commenting on the incident Stephens said: “"He saw the train coming and he jumped out of the truck," adding, "It was a lowboy. We've had this occur numerous times in the past, where trailers would get hung up on tracks."