Watch Mariska the equine Houdini


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Mariska the mare has been amazing horse-lovers around the world with her skill in opening doors.

The Friesian opens her stables door then those of her stableyard fellows, top and bottom, letting them escape. She takes the dedication to a new level by opening a stable door while ignoring a open haystack next door. She even opens a chest freezer.

Her owners at Misty Meadows Farm in Midland, Michigan, say the video has been seen in 167 countries so far.

Sandy Bonem blogs: "We have just had a blast reading the comments and have really enjoyed how everyone is getting such a kick out of her video."

She adds: "Did we teach her to do this? Some people are just sure we did. The answer is WHY WOULD WE? LOL. No, we most certainly did not, it makes life such a challenge for us. Especially as we have only to forget just one of the back up latches or chains and she finds the weak link!"