Watch the terrifying moment a US state trooper narrowly avoids death

During a routine patrol the trooper's vehicle was smashed into by a truck

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A dashcam has captured the dramatic moment a US state troop leapt to safety after a lorry smashed into his patrol car on a busy motorway.

Stephen Zientek, a state trooper, had just pulled over in near Springfield, Ohio, to help motorist Mike Celusta when he noticed the truck bearing down on the pair.

In the footage, taken from Mr Zientek’s patrol car’s dashcam, the trooper can be heard shouting: “Look out!”

He and the Mr Celusta, who had a dead battery, make a hasty retreat over the motorway’s barrier, narrowly avoiding flying debris from the hit cars, as they rolled down a hill away from the guard rail.

“Days after that, all I think about is that I still cannot believe there still was not more serious injuries…that everybody walked away,” the trooper told Mail Online.

After watching the footage Mr Celusta, a school counsellor, told WTVG: "It was just Hollywood-type script and now that I can see it, it makes it even more surreal".

The school counsellor claims Mr Zientek saved his life: “I couldn't see what was happening, so I just jumped over the rail."

The lorry driver has been cited, according to WTVG.

Video courtesy of Ohio State Police