Woman caught trying to smuggle 2kg of cocaine in fake pregnancy bump


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Columbian authorities have arrested a woman for attempting to smuggle two kilograms of cocaine concealed under a fake pregnancy stomach.

The Canadian national was searched by police at Botega's International Airport, after she allegedly reacted aggressively when asked by a security official how far into her pregnancy she was whilst trying to board a flight to Toronto. 

The woman then claimed she was seven months pregnant.

Her reaction aroused the suspicion of a female official, who touched her stomach and realised it was "too hard and extremely cold", according to Colonel Esteban Arias Melo, the deputy director of Colombia's police anti-narcotics section.

“[The Canadian] didn't like the question, which made the official suspicious. Instinctively, she [the official] then very delicately touched the lady's belly, realising it was too hard and extremely cold", he said.

Authorities then completed a full body search, leading to the discovery of two sealed bags of cocaine stashed inside a latex stomach, which would have had a street value of $60,000 (£38,000)

She will be charged with drug trafficking, possession and production and faces between five and eight years in prison if found guilty, Colombian police said.

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