Woman miraculously survives after truck crashes through office

Video: CCTV shows the truck completely destroying an entire office in Brazil

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A office worker in Brazil had the luckiest of escapes when an out of control truck smashed into her office wall.

The woman, who works at a real estate company in the Brazilian city of Toledo, can be seen on CCTV footage sitting at her desk when the wall behind her is completely disintegrated as the truck ploughs through the office.

Amazingly, the woman managed to rise out of her chair and move out of the way just in time, although the force of the crash still forces her off balance.

Another camera angle of the office at the moment of the crash shows other employees trying to escape the area as the vehicle approached the building.

Local media reports suggested that the truck had collided with another vehicle near the building, sending it off course and crashing into the office.

The vehicle crashed into the building after colliding with another vehicle near the building, according to local media reports.

The driver, the woman and several other officer workers only sustained minor injuries. In the video, the driver can be seen emerging from the truck following the crash.