Woman stabbed 36 times by her ex-boyfriend falls in love with firefighter who saved her

Melissa Dohme is due to marry Cameron Hill who attended the scene on the night she was brutally attacked

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A Florida woman who was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend in a brutal attack is set to marry one of her rescuers.

Melissa Dohme fell in love with firefighter Cameron Hill, who was among the emergency services staff that attended on the night of the attack.

Their story is the most recent of the 'Love Stories', presented by journalist Jennifer Epstein, to be aired on the Fox 13 channel.

"I think it's fate," Ms Dohme told Fox. "He doesn't know what it's called, but it's fate."

Ms Dohme was attacked in January 2012 by her high school ex-boyfriend - now serving a life sentence - who stabbed her in the neck, face, arms and hand.

The emergency services responded quickly.

"I remember there were tons of police officers, ambulance, and fire rescue. Everyone was there all at once," Ms Dohme said.

Ten months later, when Ms Dohme shared her story for the first time, Mr Hill was in the crowd and invited her back to the fire station for dinner with the crew who saved her.

The two of them have been together ever since, through the surgery and physical and speech therapy Ms Dohme required following the attack.

And in court at the trial of her attacker.

Mr Hill said: "I knew there was gonna be some hard times, but that's with any relationship."

Then, when popped the question, he did it at a baseball stadium, getting down on one knee on the pitcher's mound at a Tampa Bay Rays game, handing her a baseball with the words "Will you marry me" written on it.

Ms Dohme, now an advocate against domestic violence with a local rights organisation, said yes.

"I had to go through all this stuff that led me to find him. I wouldn't want to go through what I went through again, but I also wouldn't change it because it led me to Cameron," she said.

The wedding is planned for 5 March 2017.

Lead image courtesy of Melissa Dohme.