World's slowest police chase ends after two hours - video

'I could have walked into his car and given him a hug he was driving so slow'

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If a driver told you they covered three miles in 45 minutes, you'd assume they were stuck in traffic - not a police chase.

Yet that was the case in Fort Worth, Texas, when police engaged in possibly the world's slowest car chase. The two-hour low-speed pursuit took place along Interstate 30 between Forth Worth and Arlington. The driver, 42-year-old Jose Gonzales, covered a paltry three miles in 45 minutes as part of his less than dramatic getaway attempt.

According to a police statement, the 42-year-old driver, Jose Gonzales, was arrested as part of a drug investigation, with a large amount of methamphetamines found in his vehicle.

The chase began when an unidentified female driver got out of the car and complied with police, before the passenger, Mr Gonzales, took control of the vehicle sped off, leading to the two-hour “chase”.

The chase started at 50mph but slowed down to 10mph, with police not trying to intercept the driver because he was regularly in touch with them on his mobile phone, telling them at one point that he was scared for his life.

Police can be heard constantly telling Mr Gonzales: "You can stop this now, everything will be fine."

Onlookers and drivers stuck in traffic because of the slow chase told local reporters of their bemusement at the bizarre crime scene.

"I really think they should stop him," one woman said. "He's going like five miles an hour."

"I could have walked into his car and given him a hug," another said, emphasising just how slow Mr Gonzales was driving.

The chase ended after two hours when a SWAT truck rammed into the side of the car, bringing the vehicle to a halt, with officers dragging Mr Gonzales out of the window.

He now faces charges for evading arrest and drug possession.