Wounded and mangy husky puppy rescued from dump and makes incredible recovery

Miley was found extremely weak with wounds and a mangy coat

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The amazing recovery of a stray husky puppy has been charted after she was rescued from a rubbish dump dying from starvation and suffering from mange.

Miley was found a year ago lying on a dusty blanket on top of broken furniture by Eldad Hagar and his Hope for Paws rescue team before she began to heal from the wounds and trauma with the help of vets and carers.

The team filmed the discovery of the puppy lying on a mound in the dump filled with ripped and dirty mattresses, splintered planks of wood, tyres and broken glass.

Mr Hagar explains in the video that they spent around an hour in the wasteland offering Miley tidbits of food and slowly reassuring her that they were there to help her, before gently tying a red fabric leash around her emaciated neck to lead her into his car.


He said that the event, in which the puppy remained calm while he gently stroked her forehead, “was a special bond that was created between us during the rescue.”

He added:  “Many people don’t realise how exhausting it is to be a stray dog. You’re always on alert because you don’t know who is going to come behind you or who is going to attack you, or who is not going to be not kind to you.

“Once they come to us they relax and they allow themselves to just deal with everything they have to deal with in order to get better.”

Mr Hagar said that Miley slept for three days after she was fed, washed and checked over by vets at the rescue home.

Frankie the Chihuahua was also found around the same time in a sewer tunnel under a busy motorway. He had been sleeping in a nest made from twigs and debris before the team crawled into the dark pipe to take the distressed dog away.

Mr Hagar said that although the two dogs had become best of friends, with Frankie even licking Miley’s healing wounds, the Chihuahua’s mental recovery was harder as he had been a stray for a long time.

Although the rescue centre considered rehoming them together, they had to be taken into separate homes as their considerable size difference can be a physical strain on the smaller dog while they played games and ran around.