Wyoming woman Carly Marra arrested and charged with assault after stabbing 5ft teddy bear

Ms Marra’s boyfriend claims she attacked the bear and told him ‘I wish this was you’

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A woman in the US has been arrested and charged by police following reports she repeatedly stabbed a 5ft teddy bear with a kitchen knife and told her boyfriend: “I wish this was you.”

Carly Marra, from Casper, Wyoming, reportedly got into a fight with the father of her 16-month-old child after the two of them, having split up and started relationships with other people, agreed to spend one last night together as a family.

According to a police affidavit, Jordan McAlexander described how he and Ms Marra started arguing at around 8pm on Tuesday last week. After he texted his new girlfriend to express concerns that Ms Marra wouldn’t let him leave, Mr McAlexander claims she then became upset and got a knife from the kitchen.

Instead of going after him, Ms Marra then allegedly grabbed the large, white teddy bear and stabbed it repeatedly. Mr McAlexander told police that when he tried to take the bear from her they got into a struggle, and she bit him on the bicep, punched him, and elbowed and kicked him in the face and groin.

He said he was able to take the knife and throw it away, put Ms Marra into a bathroom and contact the police, according to reports in the Casper Star-Tribune.

Ms Marra, on the other hand, told police Mr McAlexander went for the knife after becoming upset that she had cut the bear, and proceeded to puncture her arm with it. She also claimed he slammed her head against the corner of a hallway.

Ms Marra has now reportedly been charged with aggravated assault and battery, as well as possession of a controlled substance after police found liquid THC and an ounce of marijuana in the apartment where the fight took place.

She has been released on bail after posting a bond of $5,000.