You can now study marijuana management at a Canadian university

Marijuana sellers looking to bring a professional touch to their trade have been invited to sign up from this Autumn

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For marijuana sellers looking to add finesse to their weed growing skills, a university in Canada has designed a course to bring marijuana dealing to professional standards.

The Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver is offering a course in marijuana management. Introduction to Professional Management of Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada will be available as an online course lasting 14 weeks from this Autumn.

It will be divided into two main learning strands; Marketing Sales and Drug Development, followed by Plant Production and Facility Management.

However, the course is not cheap and will set back marijuana sellers a hefty $1,249.

Students will learn about how to identify healthy plants, manage pests and understand crop cycles, as well understanding legal issues surrounding the controversial drug.

Canada regulated for medical marijuana in 2001. It enables doctors to prescribe the drug to people with severe and debilitating health conditions including, MS, arthritis, epilepsy seizures and nausea connected to HIV/ cancer medication.