Youtube video that shows homeless man's daily struggles on Austin's streets goes viral

The Youtube video has already received over 65,000 views since it was published on Sunday

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An eye-opening video that shows the daily life of a homeless man in America has gone viral, receiving over 65,000 in just over 12 hours.

The video that depicts the daily life of a homeless man named only as Sandy in Austin, Texas, has proved a massive hit with Youtube users seeing 67,000 people watching the video in under 24 hours.

Filmmaker Joseph Costello, who runs the popular Youtube channel Quiet Assassins , decided to make the film when his “his friend” Sandy asked to borrow one of Costello's cameras so that he could explain how he ended up homeless and show what life on the streets is like for him.

In Costello’s introduction to the video, he says that the film is “very real and very raw” advises viewer’s digression.

Sandy is handed the camera by Costello who introduces himself as someone who is very interested in current affairs and a man that “once visited Russia”

The film then then follows Sandy for two days, showing us the bridge that he sleeps under, the cold conditions he has to deal with on a daily basis and the loneliness and boredom that comes with being homeless. Throughout the film Sandy gives a number of honest and frank monologues about his situation.

In one of Sandy’s monologues, he explains how a “guy with a degree in computer science” could end up on the streets with “alcoholics and narcotics users.”

According to Sandy, when he was 24 he was a very devout Christian and got involved with a church, a church that he said “nobody gets out of until they are completely crazy.”

He says despite not agreeing with the things that the church believed and were teaching, he was unable to leave and this left him with a number of anger issues that have contributed to him living on the streets.

In the final clip of the video, Sandy gives a very truthful appraisal of his life in which he realises that most of the things he lives for are behind him and that things like getting married and having kids are no longer possible.

This film finishes with a message from Costello that says, “Don’t take what you have for granted.”

The film has been massively popular already and has led to a GoFundMe page being set up for Sandy by Costello.

With a target of $5,000 dollars, the page has already seen 29 people donate a total of $285.