Amnesiac coma victim rediscovers husband

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Marriage is to love, wrote Byron, as vinegar is to wine. Many might take issue with the gloomy lord but few would dispute that keeping marital romance alive remains one of humanity's keener challenges. Krickitt Carpenter of New Mexico hit upon a solution that, while novel, is unlikely to be taken up by most couples.

She had a car accident and fell into a coma, recovering consciousness after a month with her faculties unimpaired save for one important detail. Erased from her memory was all recollection of her husband. Mrs Carpenter, 26, had been married for only three months but Mr Carpenter was a complete stranger to her. Which placed some strain on the relationship until they went to a therapist who suggested they should begin at the beginning. So they met for lunch; they went to the cinema; they had dinner. One thing led to another and, sure enough, they fell in love. They found a priest and sealed once more the holy bond of matrimony.