Bizarre glass slipper church built in Taiwan

The local authority in Jaiyi County, Taiwan hoped it would bring women looking for the ideal wedding photo

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Officials of a seaside town in Taiwan have built a church in the shape of a shoe in the hope of enticing more women to go to church.

The shoe, consisting of 320 pieces of blue stained glass, will open in February in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The church was constructed in the town of Budai, Jaiyi county, on the east coast of Taiwan. It stands at an impressive 36 feet wide and 55 feet tall.

The structure was apparently inspired by a local tale of a woman whose wedding was cancelled after her legs had to be amputated following a disease, to then live out her days in a church.

Zheng Rongfeng a spokesperson for the area, said there will be a total of "100 female-oriented features" in the church including chairs for ‘lovers', maple leaves, biscuits and cakes.