Chinese police seize millions of fake Durex condoms worth £5m

Unsterilised sheaths were being lubricated by workers using oil

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Police in China have busted an alleged counterfeiting ring after seizing more than 4.65 million fake condoms worth ¥47.7 million (£5.07m).

A total of 37 suspects were arrested during raids on workshops in central and eastern China, where workers were found lubricating contraceptives in oil, surrounded by piles of discarded sheaths.

The unsterilised condoms were being sold under the guise of big brand names such as Durex, Contex and KJissbon, state news agency Xinhua reported.

Police also seized packing machines, 470,000 paper boxes and 150,000 instruction books from the workshops in the central Henan province an eastern Fujian and Zhejian, according to the People's Daily.

The fake condoms were retailing for ¥1 (10p) in a shop connected to the alleged counterfeiters, but only cost ¥0.17 (2p) to produce.