Dinosaur skeleton and hundreds of dinosaur eggs found stashed under stairs at village home

The amazing stash was found under stairs at a home in southern China

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Police have found a dinosaur skeleton and 213 dinosaur eggs hidden under stairs in a home in southern China.

The astonishing discovery was made in a village home after fossils went missing from a construction site in the Guangdong province.

The astonishing stash was discovered at a village home in southern China

The South China Morning Post reports that the fossilised eggs were found at a construction site in late June and early July. However, it is alleged that they were mostly stolen by local villagers before researchers and scientists arrived.

Heyuan goes by the nickname ‘home of dinosaurs’ due to the number of egg and fossil discoveries which have been made in the area in recent decades.

213 dinosaur eggs were found alongside the fossil

The skeleton has been identified as a small plant-eating dinosaur called a Psittacosaurus.

Police have not yet said whether anyone will be charged in connection with the discovery.