Dissident Hu Jia released from jail

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A prominent political activist imprisoned for sedition was released yesterday at the end of his sentence, though his freedom could be limited by continued surveillance.

Hu Jia advocated a broad range of civil liberties before he was jailed in 2008. He returned home before dawn, Mr Hu's wife, Zeng Jinyan, wrote on Twitter. "Safe, very happy. Needs to recuperate for a period of time," Mrs Zeng said.

It is expected that Mr Hu, like other dissidents who have been released recently, will be kept under continued detention in his home, despite such restrictions being illegal in China.

Mr Hu, 37, is known for his activism with Aids patients and orphans. He was jailed after accusations that he planned to work with foreigners to disturb the 2008 Olympic Games which were held in Beijing.