First paraglider to fly over the Great Wall of China captured in breathtaking video

Paraglider Jon Potter has also jumped from Machu Picchu, Peru

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“The guards are laughing. We're good!” yells a paraglider seconds after speed-flying off the Great Wall of China - a feat he claims he is the first to pull off.

Footage entitled 'Parachuting from the Great Wall of China (World's first speed flight)' published on the Pittsburgh Paragliding YouTube account on 25 March, shows Jon Potter preparing his equipment on the fortifications of the iconic monument.

The wind then lifts up his parachute and he glides over a turret, swerves over a steep drop, and safely lands among some shrubbery – all in around 20 seconds.

Out of breath and laughing to himself upon landing, he shouts “Hey!” to a person in the distance, who screams in amazement at Potter’s stunt.

After a few seconds he yells: “The guards are laughing. We're good!” in an apparent reference to him not having permission to make the flight.

According to Potter’s Pittsburgh Paragliding website, he is a United States Parachuting Association certificated skydiver, a base jumper, and holds two world records for speedflying off two world wonders, not including his latest conquest the Great Wall. 

The firm’s YouTube channel also showcases Potter’s jump from Machu Picchu in Peru in November 2012, and him soaring over Petra, Jordan in May of the same year.

All three of these sites — the Great Wall, Machu Picchu, and Petra — are listed as new wonders of the world, according to Swiss corporation New7Wonders Foundation.