Google marks India’s Republic Day with new website logo

The day celebrates India's constitution and independence from Britain

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The Independent Online

Google has marked India’s 66th Republic Day celebrations with a new banner on the Indian version of its website.

The image shows a tableau with flowers passing down the ceremonial road of Rajpath  in the heart of Deli.

Google's image depicts the iconic India Gate and the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the country’s enormous presidential residence.

Indian paramilitary soldiers march during full dress rehearsals for the Republic Day parade, in New Delhi

Men and women in traditional Indian clothes can be seen waving from the tabelau.

Republic Day celebrates the constitution of India and the country’s independence from Britain; 26 January marks the proclamation of India’s independence by its National Congress in 1930.

A float representing the Indian state of Karnataka rolls down Rajpath during the final full dress rehearsal for the Indian Republic Day parade in New Delhi

The day is celebrated by parades and dances.

The search giant sometimes releases special limited edition “Doodles” that replace its banner on certain days of the year.

The Republic Day doodle only appears in India.