Hong Kong protests: Facebook turns yellow in solidarity with pro-democracy supporters

Many users have changed their profile picture to an image of a yellow ribbon

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Social media is at the frontline in Hong Kong as pro-democracy supporters take to Facebook to voice their protest.

Many people in the Asian financial hub have changed their profile picture to an image of a yellow ribbon – the symbol expressing the wish for universal suffrage that has been adopted by the 2014 Occupy Central Movement.

Their communication of solidarity has been echoed by others across the world, with a quick search on Facebook revealing that UK users, with links to Hong Kong, have also adopted the yellow ribbon.

According to the BBC, others have posted images of yellow umbrellas, in a nod to the fact that the rallies have been dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution”. Scenes from the clashes on Sunday are characterised by brightly coloured brollies being used to create shield walls against riot police armed with tear gas and pepper spray.

The yellow ribbon that many people in Hong Kong have adopted as their Facebook profile picture

Yellow ribbons have also been tied to street signs and at entrances to underground stations in the areas where the protesters are currently camping out.

Some social media users have instead adopted a blue ribbon, in order to pledge their support to the police.

Despite attempts to dispel demonstrators, thousands of people continued to line the streets on Monday, in protest at Beijing's decision to limit democratic reforms in Hong Kong.


People camped outside government offices to sleep after the clashes died down, while roads remained blocked and many banks did not open.

Occupy Central issued a statement Monday calling on Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign and saying his “non-response to the people's demands has driven Hong Kong into a crisis of disorder.” The statement added that the protest was now “a spontaneous movement” of all Hong Kong people.