Human traffic jam as tourists flock to Great Wall of China

Crowds of tourists have made their way to famous attractions in China

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Bedlam has descended on the Jiuzhaigou Valley, the mountainous national park in Sichuan, China, as hordes of tourists have headed to the hotspot during their national holiday.

There’s been mass congestion in the region – not because of cars, but people. The remote region, which used to be most easily accessed via a 10-hour coach journey, has seen human traffic jams, with thousands of tourists queuing for hours on end. The shuttle bus system has also been overwhelmed, leaving some of the unlucky ones temporarily stranded.

One particularly flustered tourist told local reporters that the situation was “out of order”, with another explaining that he’d been “waiting for over TWO hours”.

Jiuzhaigou wasn’t the only affected area; the famous Great Wall of China also came under siege from a mass of tourists. Medics were on hand in case it became all too much for some sightseers.