Is this the world's worst driver?

A Chinese man demonstrated the difficulties of getting out of a tight space

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Chinese authorities have released footage showing what they believe may be the worst driver in the world.

The man was picked up on CCTV attempting to exit a car park but instead demonstrated his lack of skill behind the wheel.

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In the footage a grey car be seen attempting to leave a spot, but instead repeatedly crashing into a neighbouring car as the driver tried to extract his vehicle. Eventually he manages to drive off, but not before he manages to hit the parked car an astounding ten times in ten minutes.

Police released the footage after identifying and arresting the man, from the eastern province of Jiangsu, China.

“The driver got his driving license before he went to university and seldom practised his driving skills over the past four years,” a police spokesperson said.

“He graduated this year but his driving skills are still poor and that’s the reason for the accident.”

Local media reports also claimed the young man had been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run and his license confiscated.

As part of rapid urbanisation and motorisation, China’s roads are among the busiest – and the most dangerous. The World Health Organisation estimated around 200,000 people lose their lives each year on the coutnry’s notorious roads.