Isis has established a foothold in Afghanistan, says UN envoy

UN resolution calls for Afghanistan to confront from all extremists

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The top UN envoy in Afghanistan has said there was clear evidence that Isis has established a foothold in Afghanistan, a view echoed by Russia which urged the Security Council to stop its expansion.

Nicholas Haysom said experts had assessed that while Isis has not managed to develop “firm roots” in the country there was concern that it could offer inspiration to various, disparate splinter groups.

Russia’s deputy UN Ambassador, Vladimir Safronkov, said Moscow was worried about the rise of the terrorist threat in Afghanistan and the broadening of Isis’s geographical activities.

“The states of the region have legitimate concerns about this turn of events,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “Turning it into yet another safe haven for fighters and extremists is categorically unacceptable.”

There has been increasing concern about the spread of Isis-affiliated fighters in Afghanistan since last Autumn. They have reportedly taken control of areas previously held by the Taliban, as well as Afghan government forces. The presence of the group has sparked protests against it.

A resolution adopted by the council on Monday calls on the Afghan government, with help from the international community, to continue to tackle threats from the Taliban, al-Qaeda other extremist groups and drug traders. It does not mention Isis by name.