'Isis' issues India PM Narenda Modi with death threat over ban on eating beef

Postcard addressed to Narenda Modi initialled 'IS'

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India's Prime Minister has received a death threat - thought to have been sent by Isis - over his party's support for a ban on eating beef.

The warning sent to Narenda Modi references his backing for restrictions on the slaughter and consumption of cows  in some Indian states.

The letter stated: “Since you are not allowing beef to be consumed, you will be taken care of,” according to the International Business Times (IBT).

The postcard was sent to the Indian State secretariat, and was signed with an "IS", which Indian security services believe stands for militant terrorist group Isis, also known as 'Islamic State'. 

According to the IBT, police authorities have passed the letter across the country and an official investigation into the origin of the letter has been launched. 

Much of India practices Hinduism, which considers cows sacred and frowns on the consumption of beef. 

Last year, a 50-year-old Muslim man was apparently dragged from his house and beaten to death by 100 people after he was rumoured to have eaten beef. 

The threat to Mr Modi comes after a similar letter sent to the anti-terrorism squad in Pune and Mumbai on 12 January.

"We received a letter. We have sent the letter to Mumbai police for inquiry and we have asked the officers to be on alert," said a senior ATS officer.