Kabul bombing: 10 people killed and 20 others wounded in a suicide attack on Afghanistan's capital

The Taliban has claimed responsiblity for the attack on Twitter 

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Ten people have been killed and another 20 wounded by a suicide attack in the city of Kabul.

Afghanistan's Deputy Interior Minister Ayub Salangi said in a Twitter post that mainly civilians had been killed and injured in the attack, which took place outside a police station in a busy area of western Kabul. 

Police and witnesses told Al Jazeera a suicide bomber blew themselves up while attempting to enter a police building in the capital. 

The Taliban has claimed responsiblity for the attack on Twitter. 

The explosion reportedly took place close to Kabul’s parliament complex and was aimed at the headquarters of the civil order police, a militarized force that patrols urban areas and fights on the front lines.

An interior ministry spokesperson told AFP that a car bomb had been used in the attack.

The explosion is the latest in a series of attacks to have hit the city since the start of the year.

The attacks have come at the same time the government has attempted to revive a stalled peace process with the Taliban, which broke down last year. 

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