Leaked police report shows two Indonesian airline pilots were 'radicalised by Isis'

The pair routinely posted pro-Isis propaganda on their social media pages

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According to leaked Australian police reports, two Indonesian former pilots are believed to have been radicalised by Isis and could pose a threat.

Based on analysis of their social media accounts, the Australian Federal Police compiled an intelligence report, that was published on 18 March but leaked more recently and released by investigative journalism site The Intercept.

The report says of the two pilots, Ridwan Agustin and Tommy Abu Alfatih: "Both appear to be influenced by pro-(Isis) elements, including extremist online propaganda by well-known radical Indonesia outlets and a suspected Indonesian foreign fighter who is likely to be in either Syria or Iraq."


Both of the pilots' Facebook accounts showed they posted numerous pro-Isis propaganda posts, sometimes many times a day, and had become 'friends' with fighters living in Syria. Agustin used a second Facebook account, where he listed his location as Raqqa, the Isis stronghold in Syria.

Previously, the pilots had posted pictures from their flight training and visits to various places, but the postings became more radical over time.

Indonesia has a large Muslim population, and in the past has struggled to fight against radical groups linked to or inspired by terrorists in the Middle East.

More than 500 Indonesians are believed to have travelled to Syria to fight as part of Isis, but the real figure could be much higher.

Speaking to The Straits Times, Singapore police chief Badrodin Haiti said the authorities had not established any formal link between the two men and Isis, but are conducting investigations.

Agustin was a pilot with AirAsia and Alfatih with Premair, but both pilots are now understood to have left their companies.