Macau raises the stakes: The exclusive Galaxy Sky 32 casino is only for gamblers who risk £1 million


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Like a bet? Got a spare £1.07million? Well the Sky 32 venue is for you.

Sky 32 has been described as “an elite oasis of luxury” and sits on the 32nd floor of the Galaxy casino in Macau. But to experience the views and exclusive single malt whisky bar, you have to be willing to game in one of the six gaming rooms, and that will set you back at least 10 million yuan (£1.07million). Well, unless you win the bet, of course.

Just like in Las Vegas where top players receive the top treatment from casinos for gambling in their private rooms, Macau is actively promoting itself to the very wealthiest gamblers from mainland China.

The sport popular in these rooms is the card game baccarat (a version of which, chemin de fer, was a favourite of James Bond in Ian Fleming’s novels).

“The VIP market is gaining momentum,” Robert Drake, chief financial officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group (27), tells Bloomberg, adding that the local casino revenue in April “was second-highest in history. We are off to a great start for the year.”

Those not off to such a great start, or who simply can’t afford Sky 32, can always go to one of the nine rooms in Sky 33. To bet there you have to commit to wager a mere 5million yuan (£536,000).