Man robbed jewellery store because 'politicians have been thieving from us for years'

Robber needed money for polio-stricken cousin's surgery

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A manhunt for a jewellery thief in India ended in stunning fashion when culprit Kiran Kumar turned himself in and gave a full confession, claiming that he was seeking to 'show the growing inequality in the country'.

The 23-year-old man said he committed the robbery because he needed money to pay for his polio-stricken cousin's surgery and had struggled to find work, the Times of India reports.

In a moment of desperation, he turned to crime because he was 'fed up' with inequality in India.

"We were desperate for money to fulfill our dream," he told police. "I tried masonry, plumbing and electric-wiring work, but only got poorer with every passing day."

Kumar and his accompalice chiselled through the wall of the jewellers, used chili powder to throw guard dogs off their scent and grabbed necklaces, jewels and other items worth nearly $100,000.

"If you are poor, no one cares about you. No one gave a damn about what I wanted to do in life," he added. "My cousin Anand needs money to undergo a surgery. We tried to get help, but no one cared."

Kumar, who supports four siblings and his mother, was unable to afford a cab or other transport so walked home from the burglarised store with the 15kg bag of loot, later turning himself in at a local TV station.

"Politicians are thieves who loot us for five years,"  he said, "and I became a thief just for a night to show the world the growing inequality in the country.

"If given a chance, I can serve the society better than any politician."