Man spends 72 hours on a piece of wire

Video: A man from China has succeeded in spending 72 hours on a 70-metre-long steel wire

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David Blaine, you've met your match.

A daredevil in China has successfully spent 72 hours on a 70-metre-long steel wire without any protection whatsover.

The man came from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and performed the stunt in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.

He didn't just walk up and down the wire: he performed stunts such as backwards walking, hanging upside down and doing a headstand on the wire.

Of course, before you think such a feat over the course of three days is impossible, he was allowed to rest in between the stunts. The man slept in a sleeping bag hanging from the wire like a make-shift hammock.

Not that it was just rest the man was lacking over 72 hours on the wire. He ran out of food at the end of the second day and had to spend the remaining 20 hours without anything to eat.

Thankfully, once the feat (or ordeal?) was over, he was greeted by cheering fans down below. He was showered with confetti and thrown into the air in celebration, although thankfully not high enough to propel him back onto the wire for one more go.