More than 70 killed in earthquake

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A powerful earthquake that toppled homes in north-eastern Burma has killed more than 70 people, and there were fears the toll would mount as more information emerged from the remote area.

The earthquake on Thursday night measured at 6.8 magnitude by the US Geological Survey, struck just north of the town of Tachileik in the mountains along the Thai border. It was felt hundreds of miles away in the Thai capital Bangkok and the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Burmese state radio said yesterday that 74 people had been killed and 111 injured in the quake. It said 390 houses, 14 Buddhist monasteries and nine government buildings were damaged. A state-run newspaper reported that 15 houses collapsed in the town of Tarlay (pictured), where state radio said 11 were killed and 29 injured. A UN official said a small hospital there was partially damaged as well as a bridge, making it difficult to access the town.