Neighbours save young girl falling from balcony with a duvet

Who said neighbourhood communities were on the wane?

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A group of hero neighbours have saved a little girl falling from a balcony with a duvet in China.

The incident took place in China's Guangzhou province. A man identified only as Yan was apparently walking home from the supermarket when he heard someone shouting for help.

According to reports, a girl was attempting to climb out of her fourth-floor apartment when she slipped. Yan dropped his shopping and ran to a local neighbour.

She told reporters, "I was sleeping at the time and someone was knocking at my door. I opened the door and saw Yan. We were not too familiar, but he asked if I had a quilt. I asked why and he told me a girl was hanging from the window. I was nervous and found a quilt for him."

Neighbours then prepared the quilt to catch the girl, but she fell before they could properly ready themselves to catch her. Fortunately, she fell right into the sheet and they managed to catch her safely.

She was taken to hospital and was said to be doing fine.