News anchor learns of friend Erich Shih's suicide while reporting it live on-air

It is unclear whether the anchor knew about the situation prior to broadcast

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A Taiwanese new anchor learned of her friend and colleague's death in the most heartbreaking fashion, when the update rolled in on the teleprompter that she had to read out during rolling news.

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CtiTV reporter Erich Shih was found dead in his home in Taipei on Thursday of a suspected suicide, with the newsreader having to report the details surrounding it.

She admirably manages to make it through the item but is clearly fighting back tears as seen in the video below (turn on closed captions for fairly accurate English subtitles).

The captions read:

"Breakings news just in. It is reported that the CtiTVs news anchor Eric Shih has been found today in his house - committed suicide with plastic bag over his head. There was no note. His wife became extremely distraught since she found out the fact. The case is being investigated by the Taipei City police department, we will keep you updated."

For more information on suicide or to speak to someone confidentially, contact the Samaritans.