Pakistan rejects US report on lethal Nato air strike


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Pakistan's military has rejected US findings on a Nato cross-border air attack in November that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, reducing the chances of a resolution of the dispute and an improvement in ties, which are at their lowest for years.

"Pakistan does not agree with several portions and findings of the investigation report, as these are factually not correct," the military said yesterday after a detailed review.

The US report, released on 22 December, found both American and Pakistani forces were to blame for the incident near the Afghan border, inflaming already strained ties.

"Affixing partial responsibility for the incident on Pakistan is therefore unjustified and unacceptable," said the Pakistani military.

Pakistan responded to the attack by shutting ground routes to supply US-led Nato forces in Afghanistan and forced the US to leave an air base used to launch drones. Last week, a senior Pakistani official said the routes would be reopened.