Peshawar school attack: Video emerges showing devastation caused by Taliban school massacre

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING:: Video emerges showing inside of the Peshawar school following yesterday's Taliban massacre

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A video has emerged showing the inside of the Peshawar school that was the scene of Tuesday’s Taliban attack that left 148 people dead, including 132 children.

Bullet holes marked the walls and blood stained the floors of the now abandoned building.

Discarded schoolbooks and bloodied clothes could also be seen as the full devastation of the massacre was revealed.

Speaking to the press as he gave them a tour of the school, military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa said: “This is not a human act, this is a national tragedy.”

Video contains footage that some viewers may find upsetting

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared three days mourning as mass funerals and prayer vigils were organised throughout the country.

He also announced a tougher stance on terrorism and a moratorium on the death penalty for those involved in terrorism cases.

The attack took place on Tuesday, when seven gunmen from Pakistan’s Taliban attacked the military-run school in the north of the country.

The gunmen, wearing bomb vests, entered the main auditorium as students gathered for an exam before opening fire on those inside.

The men then moved throughout the school, shooting at pupils and staff.

In total, 148 people were killed including 132 children, with 124 more injured.

After an eight hour siege, the Pakistan Army were able to kill all the Taliban gunmen and clear the building.

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