Police stop six-seater bus in China after it was spotted carrying 51 passengers - video

The driver is set to face a severe penalty and could be banned from driving

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Do not adjust your computer screens; this is not one of those circus cars.

A bus driver took the idea of car-pooling to a whole new level in China on Sunday when police found 51 construction workers packed into his six-seat minibus during a routine traffic stop.

Police in the Guizhou province had spotted the vehicle travelling dangerously slowly on one of the province’s highways when they decided to pull the driver over. As the police got closer to the minibus, they realised that the vehicle was carrying a lot more than just six people.

Police footage shows the officers asking for the bus’ passengers to exit the vehicle, only to reveal that the minibus had been crammed with 51 construction workers, hard hats and all.

In the video a total of 49 workers were caught leaving the back of the vehicle, while the driver and his passenger were filmed leaving their relatively spacious seats in the front.

The police reported that the weight of the bodies had forced the car’s body to nearly touch the floor

The driver, who said he had loaded that many people in the bus to save time, now faces a severe penalty for the offence and may be banned from driving.