Pregnant woman chokes to death after accidentally trapping head in railings

It is the sixth time in six years that someone has died after becoming trapped in railings in China

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A pregnant woman has died after her head became stuck in some railings, it has been reported. 

The tragedy happened in North China earlier this week. The woman, who was seven months pregnant with twins, said she felt faint and leant against nearby railings to steady herself. However, she fell and her head became trapped in the railings which feature a gap just large enough to fit her neck.

Passers-by heard the woman’s screams as she began to suffocate and attempted to release her from the railings, South China Morning Post reports. However, their attempts were unsuccessful and she suffocated soon after. Emergency services were called but the woman could not be revived and paramedics were unable to save her twins.

The incident has been ruled a tragic accident by local authorities. The woman’s husband has reportedly informed local government of the issue in order to prevent a similar incident occurring in the future. No criminal charges are being pursued in the matter.

It is the sixth incident in the last six years in which someone has died after their head has become trapped in railings in China. One recent such case happened when an elderly man was waiting for a bus and fell onto the railings, before being unable to stand up again and suffocating to death.