Six-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out given free implants

Police said they suspect the boy’s aunt of the crime, a theory which the family rejects

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A six-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out received implants today at a hospital in southern China owned by a Hong Kong doctor who offered the operation after learning about the brutal attack.

The implants are a precursor to fitting the boy with prosthetic eyes that will look and move more like normal eyes, but do not restore vision. Doctors at the C-MER (Shenzhen) Dennis Lam Eye Hospital also plan to fit Guo Bin – nicknamed Bin Bin – with navigation sensors that would allow the boy to get around on his own in familiar places.

“As his parents, we are full of hope,” the boy’s father, Guo Zhiping, said. “We have yet to tell him that his vision would be lost forever.”

Inggie Ho, an assistant to Dr Dennis Lam Shun-Chiu, in whose hospital Bin-Bin received the treatment, said the surgery went well and he should be fitted with prosthetic eyes in four to six weeks.

The assistant said Dr Lam decided to treat the boy for free after learning about the horrific case.

Many questions surrounding the August 24 attack on the boy remain unanswered.

Police in the boy’s home province of Shanxi say they suspect the boy’s aunt gouged out his eyes. But they have not identified a motive and the woman has since committed suicide. The boy’s relatives have said they don’t believe she could have carried out the attack.

Mr Guo said the family does not think the police report is credible, because the aunt, who was working in a local factory on the day of the assault, would not have had time to commit the crime. Reports have suggested family disputes, but Mr Guo said there had not been any.

Mr Guo said the family arrived in Shenzhen on Sunday and will stay as long as needed.


Guo Bin undergoes orbital implants surgery conducted by Hong Kong ophthalmologist Dennis Lam